Lot's of different pics of this sign.

Lot's of different pics of this sign.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We still ain't gettin' it...

Read about it here!
Ford's NEW F450 (1 1/4 or 1 1/2 Ton?)
At last a vehicle for all the Hockey Moms and Joe Twelvepacks (The first six are just to get you to the store)
With such a healthy payload capacity, you'll be able to haul lots of $100 bills when you head out to make a purchase.


Assrot said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I drive a Chevy this size. If I could afford to I'd be driving a Hummer. Not your soccer mom H2 or H3 either. I want the real deal. A military Humvee.

The way I look at it, nobody is ever going to get serious about alternative fuel sources until oil is either gone or gas and diesel are $50 a gallon.

I'm just trying to dry the oil up faster so we can get off the crack and really spend some meaningful time and research on alternative energy sources.

The faster we use up the petroleum products, the sooner we will find a cleaner, safer alternative.

Do you honestly think the oil barons are going to allow the government to do anything worthwhile to reduce our dependency on oil as long as there is oil to be had and trillion dollar profits to be made?

Not bloody likely my friend. I don't care what end of the political spectrum you hang with, they all have big oil money in their pockets and they will all keep on with the feel good, do nothing programs and propaganda about clean, safe alternative fuels until there is no oil left.


Oliver Hart-Parr said...

Thank you! And, on behalf of all the rest of us who just want all the oil to go away so we can be done with this, thank you again.
Does Chevy even make a ton-and-a-half, that is without a box-van or flatbed or some USEFUL sort of ass-end for it?
I've got no problem with big trucks - just stupid big trucks.
Just saw a thing on Discovery today about lead.
For shipping, they put together, at the smelter, little bundles of 16 (?) ingots and the total weighs in at 2500#.
About the size of an end-table.
That's the load a 1.5 ton pickup should carry. but how often will it?
It just offends my sense of stewardship.
Appropriate use of the material culture.
If you're going to have a vehicle that was viewed as "industrial" or "commercial" up until we had our national aneurysm a few years back, and make it into some perceived Rambler station wagon... I don't know. You're lost.
And don't get me started on the Humvee.

Assrot said...

Oliver, the whole point of me owning a vehicle is to haul my big ass around and all my guns around. After all, I am one of them bitter folks that clings to their guns.

What does it matter what a person drives? As long as you can pay for it and you are happy with it, you should be able to drive a gotdam Abrams Tank if you like.

I'll keep chugging that oil until it's gone. May I ask what you drive? Possibly one of these

World's Smallest Car



Oliver Hart-Parr said...

Is your ass really that big?
And, how many guns do you anticipate needing on your way to yoga class?
It's your privilege, Bud.
Just like at Thanksgiving you can load your plate with all the shit it can hold and toss half of it.
It's that it's our, me and my evil cabal's, privilege to pelt you with shit (not literally, but that's got a certain appeal) until you run out the door sobbing.
Fill 'er up!

Oliver Hart-Parr said...

'87 Ford Escort wagon. $200 + around $450 a few months later.
Two years later, I'm down a clutch cable ($21 and ten minutes work).
I get firewood in it. All our wood for the winter (4+- cords) was all hauled from the woods in the 'ole shitbox.
Mama's car is a '91 (?) Toyota Corolla.
I've also got a '82 Cornbinder school bus - but it's just mini-storage and my foundry.
My ass is pretty small. 34 waist so it seems to work - and for cheap.
I haven't had a car payment in 7 years.

Culpeper said...

Saw a brand new Shelby Mustang GT500 today. It's not just trucks. All the car manufacturers have a market for souped up factory cars like they did during the 60s. I remember the 60s. In elementary school we had to write book reports on pollution. Today, the government tells us what color trash container to put what trash into. 40 years from now the government will force dealers to install a governor on anything exceeding a certain horsepower rating. Something the buyer and take off later. Like Alice wrote in her diary. "Another day another blowjob". Go ask her.

Also, there is too much oil reserves to wait out the supply and demand issue. There will always be plenty of oil. There is nothing that unequivocally proves otherwise. In fact, some studies are beginning to unravel the whole fossil fuel theory. Oil may not be fossil fuel after all. It may be producing on its own without the help the dinosaurs.

The hypothesis states that natural petroleum was formed from deep carbon deposits, perhaps dating to the formation of the Earth. The presence of methane on Titan is held as evidence. Supporters of the abiogenic hypothesis suggest that there may be a great deal more petroleum on Earth than commonly thought, and that petroleum may originate from carbon-bearing fluids which migrate upward from the mantle."

So, its just a hypothesis that geologists and astronomers have been debating for quite some time. As a society we have also been debating the Darwin Theory far too long since there is not one shred of evidence, ironically, in the fossil history to support it.

I'm just stressing don't hold your breath for oil to disappear to motivate alternative energy.

Assrot said...

I can't see my ass so I don't know how big it is. I guess I should ask someone "Does this truck make my ass look fat?"

I'm 6'-4" and 290lbs. I'm just a little tall for those mid-size and economy size rides. I haven't had a car payment since I was 25 years old. I always pay cash.

I reckon my truck could haul pretty much anything you can fit in it. Just because it is called a 1 ton or 1.5 ton truck doesn't mean it can't carry more than that with no problems.

Hell I had an S-10 once that I put over a ton in the bed and drove it all over the place many times.

I tend to get about 10 to 12 years out of a truck before I sell it or give it to somebody.

As for how many guns I need for Yoga class, I carry two everywhere I go and I have never set foot in a Yoga class.

I do make a lot of gun shows though and I usually haul at least half of my collection. Let's see, I average about 2 guns a month and have been collecting for well over 45 years so you could say I have a few guns to haul around.

Sorry I can't be hauling Bibles around. I'm not big on that "Clinging to Religion" thing.

Who knows, one of these days I might drive to the northwest and visit. We can ride around in my Joe Twelve-pack truck with my hundreds of guns and determine if the truck makes my ass look fat.

We might even go to the range and shoot a few rounds out of some good old guns from the Civil War, WWI, WWII and even Vietnam. I do have a damn decent collection of Curio & Relics.

Do they allow guns up your way or is it one of those places that only allow violent criminals to own guns?

Have a nice weekend Oliver. I do enjoy your blog and your rants.



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