Lot's of different pics of this sign.

Lot's of different pics of this sign.
"I don't make hell for nobody. I'm only the instrument of a laughing providence. Sometimes I don't like it myself, but I couldn't help it if I was born smart."

1st Sgt. Milton Anthony Warden.
"From here to Eternity"

Paul Valery

"You are in love with intelligence, until it frightens you. For your ideas are terrifying and your hearts are faint. Your acts of pity and cruelty are absurd, committed with no calm, as if they were irresistible. Finally, you fear blood more and more. Blood and time."

The Wisdom of the Ages

"When a young man, I read somewhere the following: God the Almighty said, 'All that is too complex is unnecessary, and it is simple that is needed',"

Mikhail Kalashnikov
"Here lies the bravest soldier I've seen since my mirror got grease on it."

Zapp Brannigan

Friday, December 12, 2008

Meet Marilyn...

This young lady, aged 27 as photographed, circa 1973-4, was famous in a small way in the tiny community of Subic City, located a few miles north of the military installation formerly known as "the largest American base outside of the U.S." AKA: Subic Bay/Cubi Point, Republic of the Philippines.
Her name was Marilyn and, at the time pictured "worked" at the El Pariaso Inn in the aforementioned town.
She later operated one bar of her own ("Marilyn's") that I recall and, from info on soon-to-be-linked-to-website she then mayhaps have moved even farther up in the world.
What all this is in aid of is...
Waxing nostalgic over the home-made shotgun and the place from which it, at most notoriously, seems to originate, I went a'Googling and found this site.
I can't get the e-mail link to work being as I'm both Mac-impaired and behind the technological curve.
Even so, given my straitened circumstances, I'd like to bless the good Sgt. USMC (ret) with a photo of the famous lass herself so, if one of y'uns could either send me the good Sgt's e-mail or e-mail him to contact me, I'd count it as a huge favor.

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Anonymous said...

Long before I became a coffee drinker Marilyn introduced me to Hot Tea. Marilyn was one of a kind and after 36 years still fondly remembered.

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