Lot's of different pics of this sign.

Lot's of different pics of this sign.
"I don't make hell for nobody. I'm only the instrument of a laughing providence. Sometimes I don't like it myself, but I couldn't help it if I was born smart."

1st Sgt. Milton Anthony Warden.
"From here to Eternity"

Paul Valery

"You are in love with intelligence, until it frightens you. For your ideas are terrifying and your hearts are faint. Your acts of pity and cruelty are absurd, committed with no calm, as if they were irresistible. Finally, you fear blood more and more. Blood and time."

The Wisdom of the Ages

"When a young man, I read somewhere the following: God the Almighty said, 'All that is too complex is unnecessary, and it is simple that is needed',"

Mikhail Kalashnikov
"Here lies the bravest soldier I've seen since my mirror got grease on it."

Zapp Brannigan

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Product Shot!

Well, a "similar product" shot at least.
I just saw this flick this morning and later found this, a salient bit, on Youtube.
How about that.

Okaaay... Not the William Macy we've come to know and love (Jerry Lundegaard from "Fargo"; "Oh boy. Oh, Geez.") but a nice piece of acting nonetheless.
He's going to need some counseling regarding his views on race and ethnicity although I'm not sure it should matter.
If you're knocking the shit out of someone, is it better if you say sensitive, nice things to them?
Of course, the knife he's using is pathetic. It's one of the stainless-steel, third-world knockoffs of an, already seriously overdone, knuckle knife - with a design that was marginal to begin with (in my opinion), the McNary pattern, MkI M1918 trench knife.
Said crap renditions are available here, here and here. Lots of other places as well. I just got bored looking at them.
Your - many and varied - sources for shit knuckle knives. Go nuts.
Back to the flick, he could have done far better, Edmond - William Macy that is. The film could have done far - far better.
If only Stuart Gordon had contacted me.
I could have hooked old Edmond up with some nice Robbins 0' Dudley or one of the two Clements knives I offer.
Anyway, spilled milk.
Edmond does manage to take care of business even though his knife is a piece of shit.
Maybe I should shut up now before I break my rice-bowl, saying quality doesn't matter.
It does.
Of course, Edmond's level of nutsitude is such that things are forced to come to a conclusion quickly - it is a short movie - so the question may be asked: Where does one turn for a knuckle knife, good for more than just two or three random killings?
Well, I'm here to help.
First of all, the castings for these knives are - at worst - roughly finished and chunky.
They can clean-up nicely though - and twenty bucks ain't much to pay for a rough casting.
See above: One of the selfsame castings, tuned up (customer wanted the "wings" cut off the guard) and with a decent blade (Check out the sacred crossed monkey-wrenches).
Not nearly so embarrassing.
And hell, the casting for this knife was good enough that I cast a pattern from it that I now use for this.
In closing, as a member of the knuckle knife producing community (Yeah it's a community - A big one) I'd like to express my outrage - YES, OUTRAGE - that every movie purchaser of a knuckle knife inevitably ends up being portrayed as a psycho nut-fudge.
This is intolerable.
I know many, many knuckle knife owners that are not - I repeat not - crazy. At least not crazy like that.
There's nothing else for it.
Become active. Make your voice heard.
Break the stereo-type.
Join a crocheting circle - and buy a knuckle knife.
I know a place with a nice selection.

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