Lot's of different pics of this sign.

Lot's of different pics of this sign.
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

THIS Is Why This Clown Pisses Me Off

George Hamilton Hill IV, AKA my ass is somewhere behind me;
Most recent post:
Email: “Hello,I just found your blog about a month ago,and have been reading it daily now. I have a question about your problems with vehicles/transportation. From having read your blog,I gather that you try to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. My question is;why can't you repair your own vehicle(s)? If someone wants to survive,they will need every skill they can learn. can you make parts for your guns from scratch and repair/rebuild them? Vehicles should be the same for a prepper as a gun,or any other facet of survival,a tool to be learned about,and utilized for the survival of one's family/clan. Not being able to repair your own vehicles could put you and your family at a [severe] dissadvantage......could even cost your lives. I have a rebuilt long block and spare transmision and differential ready for each of my vehicles. Should the need arise, I can have an engine in and running in one long day.”

The Ogre's response:

I can do a lot with many vehicles. I've rebuilt engines too, but that was in a shop full of tools. I don't have such a place. If I had a shop full of tools, that would be great. But I don't. Neither do I have the means to fabricate the parts required to facilitate modern automotive repair. I can't build an Engine Management Computer or a new Fuel Air Mixture Sensor. That's why I like my old Chevy truck. Unfortunately I don't have the engine hoists, and the required tools to take care of what is wrong with it... I can't pull it out and tear it down to the bare block. And I'm not too worried. If I'm in a situation where the balloon is up, chaos is abundant, and it's life or death that I get a vehicle – I'm getting a vehicle. All those questions you asked... nice. I'm happy you are a Mechanic. I'm not. I don't do my own Medical Procedures either. I'm not a surgeon. And I don't get emails from Doctors saying I should know how to reconnect torn blood vessels, because it might save my life one day. I don't make my own eyeglasses either.

However, yes, I can and have made parts to repair guns, That's so I can boost your car once you fix it. Cheers!

This is sweeeeeet.
But, Mr. Self-Reliant, Sir - isn't your rig... with all due respect - dead in the ditch?
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !
I don't think I'd be blowing that shit in the direction of someone asking a legitimate question; ie "How much of your 'self-reliance' depends solely on your job and the stuff you buy with your salary from same?"
The question seems legit to me.
And what's with this "... facilitate modern automotive repair. I can't build an Engine Management Computer or a new Fuel Air Mixture Sensor..." horse shit?
The man makes a good point, Hill.
Engine hoist? "Facilitate parts for ..."?
Ever heard of Shear-legs?
George... now, are too much of a dummy to construct the unit illustrated and actually gain some control over your destiny?
But then, that awesome couch would go to waste.
And again,regarding your "old Chevy truck"...
A pickup is a pickup and a truck is a truck.
And, those little animals that make your life so terrifying - when you say their accursed name - the "E" is silent.
Oh, and your poor "old truck";

This is my ole shitbox - a pickup - by the way.
$495. I've put 6 grand in mileage on it so far.
Changed the oil once.
Added oil once.
Haven't done a compression test, haven't felt a need to.
If I did happen to toast an engine, (1962 Ford 292 I think I could come up with a replacement, especially since I know a 223 six would work, so probably , a 250 would as well.
Then maybe a 300 six...
But, even with all these engines to choose from, how would I replace it?
What with no tools...
or shop...
Okay... the tools are, for the most part, wrenches - if all you're doing is swapping engines.
There is the problem of lifting that big heavy fucker out of there.
See "shear legs" above.
So, what are you retarded (With sincere apologies to anyone who is retarded and felt their honor soiled by their association with Mr. Hill)?
I can understand your hanging around and getting things done in the normal round.
But don't you think you could have accorded this guy a little respect?
George, straight up, don't you think you got caught out, just a little, with this?
Seriously, learn your shit or quit playing the big dog.
And, are you really going to use your awesome warrior skills to steal this hapless mechanic's car if the "Balloon goes up"?
You're scum, George.
Of course, I don't expect a response. He doesn't read this trivia - God, who does?
Really, Who are you people?


Anonymous said...

You asked who your readers are. Well, one of them in an old ex-pat scraping by in Mexico. I appreciate your enthusiasm for old trucks and ships, and the diabolical way you have of putting down right-wing fools.

As for the ogre, look at his hands. The guy never did a day's work in his life.

Assrot said...

Looks like I might be your entire audience. I'm a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at two universities.

I also do R&D for several large corporations. I'd tell you more but then I'd have to kill you.

I can change an engine out and rebuild one from the block up just like you.

No silver spoon here. I worked for what I have and never took a dime that I didn't earn from the government or anyone else.

You could say I'm an egghead that's good with tools.


Andy said...

Realize it's your blog and everything Dan, but weapons, trucks and history are way more interesting that posers.
ASSROT just hogs the front row cause he has a cool call sign! (would love to paint that on my MRAP!)

Assrot said...

Actually I find this blog very interesting. As for being a poser and hogging anything I was not aware that I had done either.

Seems to me Dan asked a simple question and I gave a simple answer.

What the fuck is wrong with that? You wouldn't be one of them whiney liberal types that has to cut everyone down to build yourself up would you?


Bob Brock said...

Whoa Joe,
I made a rhymn.
I suspect that Andy meant the Ogre, not you.
Anyway you two, get a room.

Andy said...

Whoa, Dan's right Assrot..I was talking about Ogre, and I really do think your moniker is badass. Sorry for the misunderstanding..to you too Dan. I think I'll get back to the hooch and wait for the next mission. Less room for misunderstanding out there!

Assrot said...

Sorry I misunderstood guys. I'm getting old. Let's chalk it up to a senior moment.

Thanks Andy. Most people whine about my blog handle being offensive. It's nice to know not everyone has their head where the sun don't shine.


Assrot said...


You're a poet and don't know it but your feet show it. They're longfellows.


Anonymous said...


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