Lot's of different pics of this sign.

Lot's of different pics of this sign.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Factoid Of The Day

Of course, the liberals will spin it all out of proportion but - I read today that the casualty lists for the "Bushwars" (my new term - subscribe - collect them all!) contain a higher percentage of amputations than those of any other American conflict since the civil war...

And we know how much that one sucked.

Nice George, real nice.


Greg said...

Your conclusion needs a lot of work, and really sounds like one of those liberal, exclude all the data, type of articles. Let me explain...

With the amount of information given, thats the equivilant of saying that cars are more dangerous now than 100 years ago because there are more fatalities now. We can forget about the facts that 100 years ago cars didn't go very fast, few actually had cars, etc.

Although I'm not a Bush supporter (haven't been a supporter of any president for a very long time), you're missing very pertinent data, including how many people involved, how many of those people would've outright died in the previous wars, types of weapons used, etc. Wouldn't you think the addition of body armor would have some participation in this?

In addition, why are you blaming Bush for amputations? Shouldn't you be blaming the bad guys since they're not using good enough weapons to outright kill instead of just maim? By this same reasoning (assuming he did sent the most people out), that he will also cause the most people to return home?

Goes along the same lines of gun and knife bans, since we all know that if people couldn't own them, all crime would instantly stop.

Your logic behind this posting is flawed and has a very misinformation vibe to it. You sure you didn't get your information from some mass media source?

Dont let your hatred for a person cause you to start skewing data to make a point. The media outlets already do that enough as it is.

Bob Brock said...

Of course it's unfair to blame Bush. He was on the golf course
It's Cheney.
I have no use at all for that fuck.
I give you points for erudition and courtesy but, since I wasn't intending noto come to a conclusion, what would I work on?
Don't answer that.
As I was saying, good on ya' for spelling, punctuation and all that good stuff - and you signed with a name. Yay!
No one needs to pick this fact apart though.
Our "low casualty count" hides A LOT of folks the same age as my kids - walking around with parts of them missing.
If my "conclusion" were proven to be flat-out wrong - I'd still stand by it.
A pussy rich boy goes off and starts 2(!) wars, wars where people in the, prime of life aren't killed, and still get to live afterward! - kinda.
Yeah, I'll argue my position.
Thanks, Greg

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that when loaded airliners are flown into
buildings bad things happen for
a long time.

Bob Brock said...

I should know better than to match wits with you guys - especially since my MAIN, indeed only argument is, as South Park's Mr Garrison would say:
"Amputations are bad, nn'kay?"
Pretty fucking simplistic, I admit.
And, what did those airliners have to do with Iraq?
It's all about keeping the corporate welfare scheme known as the defense budget going.
Martin Marrietta's gotta eat too.

Anonymous said...

"And, what did those airliners have to do with Iraq?" Ah is that
a retorical question? You'd have to go back to Bush the 1st days in the cia to start to answer that question.

I agree with your statement regarding the MIC. Citing
the body armor company Ceradyne--CRDN--shares
were trading in the high 2's in late '02. Since the Iraq invasion they have split 3 for 2 twice and have gone as high as $80+. Thats'one example of many.

Read "Beyond the Merchants of Death". The Bush's have long profited from war..Their history would be a good subject for one of your blogs. The Harrimans, Bushes
Herbert Walker ect..

After 911 the US should have unsheathed the Nuetron bomb and starting with Tehran put the terorist muslim nations on notice that we aren't to be attacked...
just my not so humble opinion.

g00$e said...

Ike tried to warn us. The War on Terror was designed, manufactured and sold the same way the War on Communism and the War on Drugs were, by the same people for the same reason- corporate profit.

We don't say much about them Commies since they've become our owners, but it's amazing how many people are still buying into the other two marketing schemes.

Sort of like when I, a returnee from the glorious liberation of the South Vietnamese people, washed cars at a Southern California car lot and was continually amazed at how many people actually bought Chevy Vegas.

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