Lot's of different pics of this sign.

Lot's of different pics of this sign.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Just In...

Not really. It seems it all happened last week but I'm slow on the uptake.
But - it's not to late to join in. Help settle this unpleasant "torture" debate right now.
Sean Hannity has graciously offered up his fragile, pudgy flesh to be water boarded "for charity" - and to prove once and for all - that's it's no big deal.
What a guy!
The link is in the "Interesting Stuff" category on the left - as well as here:
Water board that callow little fuck.
Kieth Oberman's putting up a thousand bucks per second.
Per second that the courageous Mr. Hannity lasts, that is - before he gets bored or isn't thirsty any more.


Anonymous said...

Water boarding the 911 operatives was too soft IMO.

If it were up to me I'd have their voices be audible for the next ones to be questioned. And broadcast online.

Which would rule out water boarding as a good choice.
Something more effective would
be better, pliers, hat pins, wires, just use your imagination.
And remember Daniel Perl to get
in the right mood.

What would Prez' Obama have the military do if say a small nuke time bomb was in a unknown location here in the country and we had a terrorist in custody that was involved and didn't want to talk?

Let me guess, call the aclu and get him a lawyer? Call his muslim
relatives and ask them?

Obama at the core- is the angry black man who would like nothing better than to lynch all the rich white men and redistribute their wealth. A pure socialist with marxist leanings.
As in sending out the ACORN demonstrators to the AIG execs homes and threatening to publish their names and photos over bonus comp, which was under legal contract. A mock lynching,via marxist ploy

I define real torture as have to endure this crap every day for 4 more years.

Oliver Hart-Parr said...

You guys really aren't catching on, that the proof is in the pudding and Little George whacked off in it.
Shut the fuck up.

g00$e said...

Aw c'mon, Oliver Hart Parr, Anony might have a point there. I mean, look how neatly G'Dub sewed up the anthrax thingy. Why, I bet the mere thought of being water tortured is what made the perp kill himself, thereby solving the whole issue and allowing us all to live happily ever after until the angry black guy took over as Prez.

Or, alternatively to Anony above-

America, love it or leave it Pal.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bush was the worst prez of
all time--rapidly fading history.

Obama's power grab at Chrysler BK
makes Nixon look like a rank amateur. Strongarming debt holders
into giving a 55% interest to the UAW.----> below is quote from the White House's "Car Czar"
during talks with a "holdout"

"Who the fuck do you think you're dealing with? We'll have the IRS audit your fund. Every one of your employees. Your investors. Then we will have the Securities and Exchange Commission rip through your books looking for anything and everything and nothing we find to destroy you with."

The White House now will not comment about this.. Criminals of the WH

Obama wants to "Save the American
Auto industry" by selling chrysler
to the Italians? Giving 10 billion
tax dollars to the union?

You can take the Politican out of Chicago--you just can't take Chigago out of the Politican.

STFU back at U

Oliver Hart-Parr said...

Rapidly fading history?
Don't we have a couple of wars going on still?
Really Mr. Anonymous (I think I knew your Dad), original thinking is always valuable.
It's just not found on the radio.
Okay, I'll go slowly...
Your guys, Republicans, have spent the past 28 years systematically ripping off the American public and - now, all of a sudden - this "Angry Black Man" has, in the space of a few months driven us to the brink.
I'm I getting it right?
Yeah, that sounds plausible.
And now, now you idiots are worried about deficits.
Really, just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Obama makes banks that took TARP
fund exchange $ for pfd stock. You with me here? Pfd stock=debt--right? Now here's the
fun part. Mr Sec of Treasury aka Mr tax cheat diktat's to the banks the "stress test" and arb. determines that some
banks need to fix balance sheet ie
need more money---you still following the ball here?

Drum roll---gov now diktats banks to convert pfd stock for common--
ie debt for equity --banks all better now...Oh but the Gov now owns/controls the banks via common stock.
Backdoor takeover..nationalized

See-- that was easy. And no one cares---yet. Gov now picks the winners and losers.

I'm not a repub or a demo, and yep
the public got ripped off to the tune of a few trillion last year tnks to a couple of bills sponsered by sen gramm one signed by clinton and one by bush..
Read A Greenspans denial to his roll in this, good for a laugh. Obama hates hedge funds but
where did l.summers work last year
and how much did he make?
And who does obama want to buy the toxic assets from the banks to get the credit flowing again? You think anyone trusts him now?

Did you see how pelosi
was briefed on water boarding by the cia back in '02 and didn't say boo---torture indeed.

pour yourself some more koolaid

BTW Klinton had 5 wars in his time.

Oliver Hart-Parr said...

I know you must really kick ass on the "I Want to Blow Glenn Beck" Forum, but really.
Shut up.
Show of hands; anyone else sick of "Koolaid" references?
Really, original thinking. That's what's going to work for you, not this recycled talk radio horseshit.
We want to be able to send you home with a gold star!

J.R.Shirley said...

Torture as an instrument of national policy is wrong, and is a clear violation of the Constitution.

We cannot save our country by acting in ways that dishonor her or that go directly against the Constitution.

Oliver Hart-Parr said...

There must be some moral absolutes or we're no better than all the other beasts - even if Cheney thinks torture works.

Anonymous said...

Hmm "coercive interrogation" techniques have been used extensivly by the US for decades. Obama's declaring
waterboarding violates “our ideals and our values" is an attempt to moralize our actions. Read some history--->



Truman, Eisenhower,Kennedy, Johnson,Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush&
Clinton to name the most recent, all had very active torture programs. Iraq is just
another chapter of a long nasty book. This has been going on forever.

We have people (non usa) all over doing dirty deeds even today.
If the us were to take a major hit ala 911 the economic depression would last for decades==or worse.

Obama sobered up some today and
will do more so in the near future.

Oliver Hart-Parr said...

What a pompous crock.
Here, it's simple.
It's immoral.
You shouldn't be expressing approval for any treatment you're not willing to let your Mom undergo.
I'm not even going to explain why.
"Read some history..."
Find some sort of moral center or don't expect to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

War is immoral-- period. So
is abortion for that matter.

Obama started this entire debate
as a cheap political shot.
Now he won't release the photos.

And replaced a theater commander-- 1st time since McArther.

McChristal led the spec ops in Iraq. The "Man Killer". The head
of the torture centers..got promoted by Obama. Check out Mccristal MO he got the violence
to stop, And Obama knows he'll
get the job done again. McCristal
was the main guy in the whole torture picture. Do a google.

And now the WH is saying detainees are going to be held indefinetly.Really-

Every single point he made against
Cheney he's flopped on.
It's looking like Cheney is still calling the shots.

I sincerely hope the president suceeds in winning this war. Remember his pledge--troops come
home within a year? They will be
there for a long time...decades.

my last word

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